Going beyond the grid

Renewable Energy Installation

How Your Business Benefits

How It Works

Suntuity is different.

We provide a full suite of end-to-end design and construction services to all of our clients and solar industry partners. Install solar on your home or business and together, we can help build a community that revolutionizes energy.

  • 26% federal tax credit against the cost of the solar system
  • Depreciation allowance deducting up to 85% of the solar asset from your taxes
  • Turn your cost center into a profit center
  • Promote your corporate social responsibility as a sustainable business or institution

A Suntuity Specialist will discuss any additional applicable incentives that are available per state.

Suntuity Ground

Redefine how you power your business

Suntuity Save

Increase your bottom line
Our innovative solar offering helps business owners reduce their operating expenses.

Suntuity Solar

Set an example
Easily adopt sustainable business practices that make a positive difference in lives around the world.


Build a brighter tomorrow
Solar helps slow the effects of climate change. Help future generations with clean energy.

Are you a homeowner?

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