Suntuity Solar commences Residential Solar operations in Florida

February 26th 2016

Press release published by Suntuity Network

Palm Coast, FL. 26 February 2016: Suntuity Solar is pleased to announce the commencement of residential sales and operations in the sunshine State of Florida. With financial and technical offerings in both south and central Florida, Suntuity Solar can help its customers reduce their utility costs dramatically while benefitting from the ownership of a solar asset that can potentially increase the value of their homes.

“Florida ranks 3rd in the entire US for rooftop solar potential but lags way behind many other states in actual installations mainly due to its lack of adequate solar policies that promote solar. We are excited to be in a position to deliver unique financial and technical solutions that can leverage existing policies and provide a benefit to consumers.” commented Dan Javan, CEO, Suntuity Solar.

About Suntuity Solar With a strong presence in multiple U.S. States and territories, Suntuity Solar (a Suntuity subsidiary) is positioned to deliver Best-in-Class finance and technology solutions to make Solar Power more accessible than ever before. For additional information, please visit :

About Suntuity

With a strong portfolio and a global solar pipeline, Suntuity develops, finances and delivers solar energy solutions in markets around the world. From roof-top and off-grid projects to utility and commercial projects, Suntuity is strategically positioned to deliver across the range of technologies that make Solar Power a viable energy alternative today. For additional information, please visit;

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