Suntuity Delivers One of New Jersey’s Largest Rooftop Solar PV Systems at Aurobindo Pharmaceuticals

Suntuity, a global turnkey solar energy solutions provider headquartered in central New Jersey, has delivered one of the state’s largest contiguous rooftop solar PV systems at Aurobindo Pharmaceuticals’ new half a million square-foot warehouse facility in East Windsor. The installation compliments Aurobindo’s continued commitment to sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint in correlation to their other solar arrays, including a 30 megawatt (MW) solar power plant in India.

“We procured, engineered and installed enough solar panels on the facility’s roof to offset about 50% of the location’s expected average yearly electric consumption,” said Dan Javan, CEO of Suntuity. “We’re excited to continue on the path of building sustainable business practices that directly affect the bottom line of our customers and partners, which include pharmaceutical giants like Aurobindo Pharmaceuticals.”

The nearly 17,000 Solar World panel installation (which is now owned by California-based solar manufacturer SunPower) boasts a capacity of over 5.5 megawatts (MW) with an estimated annual output of over 6,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) projected within the first year of activation. This is enough power to operate over 600 average US homes for an entire year. From an environmental perspective, the system reduces the annual carbon emissions equivalent to over 1,000 vehicles and 5 million pounds of burnt coal. The solar PV installation is one of many similar commercial and utility-scale projects completed by Suntuity worldwide.

About Suntuity Group
Suntuity, founded in 2008, is part of the Suntuity Group of companies that develops, finances, builds, owns and operates residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar energy solutions around the world. The company is strategically positioned with industry-leading financing and technology that streamlines solar power as a viable energy alternative for several mainstream power options. With innovate financing solutions, in-depth technical expertise and a global presence, Suntuity consistently delivers best-in-class products, services and system performances. The Suntuity Group of companies cover multiple verticals in the renewable energy and technology space including finance, manufacturing, sourcing, EPCM, electrical and UAV drone services. For more information on Suntuity, please visit

About Aurobindo Pharma Limited:
Aurobindo Pharma Limited, headquartered at Hyderabad, India, manufactures generic pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients that are exported to over 150 countries around the globe. For further information, visit

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