Access to clean and reliable power is critical to the sustenance and growth of our society. Suntuity’s Off-grid and Hybrid solar systems can make that a reality in a cost effective manner. We have extensive experience in the power availability and continuity space that ranges from large scale community based off-grid power plants to single purpose simple power source systems.

Our areas of experience include:

  • Utility Augmentation.
  • Rural Electrification.
  • Frequency and Demand Response.
  • Off-grid Infrastructure.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Emergency Power.

Storage technologies have advanced dramatically over the past decade and Suntuity offers cutting edge sustainable cost effective solutions that are both easy implement and maintain.

Our technological offerings include:

  • Conventional Lead Acid technologies.
  • Space saving Lithium Ion batteries.
  • Robust Nickel Iron with hydrogen recycling systems.
  • Large Scale Vanadium redox flow solutions.
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