Suntuity provides its customers complete Solar Operations & Maintenance Services that are well beyond the capabilities of most EPC companies. As global solar portfolios continue to grow with assets that are fairly dispersed, O&M is critical to the monetization of projected power plant service life and revenues.


  • Real Time Operations Center
    • Intelligent SCADA Systems
    • Remote Monitoring
      • Technical support
      • Premium hotline
      • Analysis of plant data
      • Yield optimization analysis
    • Fault Report Analysis
    • Service Log maintenance
    • Reporting
      • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Reports
    • Technical Advice on Plant Equipment
      • Includes incorporation of inverter and Met Station sensors in error monitoring
  • Operations Management
    • Coordination of maintenance and repair work
    • Single point of contact
  • Remote Maintenance
    • On-site coordination services
    • Remote technical support for service teams
    • Remote firmware updates
  • Inspections
    • Regular inspection of system components
    • Medium voltage equipment inspection
  • On-site Fault Analysis
    • Plant failure prevention and analysis
  • Warranty and Service Management
    • Performance guarantee and warranty management
    • Insurance claims support
  • Maintenance
    • Routine maintenance for Plant equipment per manufacturer’s specifications
    • Coordination of maintenance and repairs
  • Green space management
    • Weed abatement
    • Vegetation trimming
    • Soil erosion control
  • Security Management
    • Security system inspection and maintenance
    • Intrusion alarm alerting
  • Miscellaneous
    • Module replacement
    • Supply chain management for repairs
    • Service contract management with Plant component manufacturers
    • Independent Testing Services
    • Solar Power Plant Optimization
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