We can shed some light on solar

Step 1

The sun shines down on the earth, as it normally does.

Sunlight hits the solar panels and creates DC (or direct current) electricity.

Step 2

The solar panels absorb that energy and makes it useable.

Solar energy inverters convert DC power into useable AC (alternating current) electricity.

Step 3

Your business starts generating cheaper & more sustainable energy.

The electrical panel distributes clean, affordable power throughout your business which reduces harmful emissions.

Step 4

You receive utility credits for excess power.

Any excess power produced is sent back to the electrical grid to build credits on your company’s utility account in a process called net metering.

Step 5

Always have power, even when your business isn’t producing solar energy.

Your utility company will power your business with the stored credits at night or in inclement weather ─ so there is never a gap in energy usage.

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