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30+ Years Now Estimated Lifespan of US Solar Plants

Over 76 gigawatts of solar has been installed in the United States to date. For perspective, the estimated output reduces the same carbon emissions as planting over 10.6 million mature trees or reducing the consumption of over 72.5 million gallons of gasoline. The industry itself really started booming after the implementation of the 2006 federal […]

Suntuity Presents Free Jordan Belfort Live Virtual Training Series About Earning Income from Home

Jordan Belfort (, celebrity author and motivational speaker that inspired the Oscar-nominated film The Wolf of Wall Street, is scheduled to conduct a multi-episode virtual training series with a focus on teaching effective remote work strategies that can help inspire and guide individuals towards maximizing their income from the comfort of their own homes. The […]

Suntuity CEO Dan Javan to Discuss US Residential Solar with Leaders of Quickmount PV, Sunlight Financial, & Gexpro

ROTH Capital Partners has announced hosting a public conference call on March 31, 2020 at 10AM EST with Suntuity CEO Dan Javan (, Yann Brandt, CEO of Quick Mount PV ( and editor of SolarWakeup (, Sunlight Financial CEO Matt Potere (, and Strategic Account Manager of Gexpro (, Chuck Norris. The call is open […]

How America Is Seeing A Resurgence In Large Scale Solar Production

The future is always an exciting prospect. On a macro scale, human and technological advancements can see a net positive result of progress, knowledge, and humanitarian enlightenment across not just one country, but the entire globe. But when it comes to energy production, it’s easy for the debate between clean and fossil-fuel energy to seem […]

The Effects of Climate Change We are Living with Right Now

Fires, floods, drought, death – our world is already in peril and we’re running out of time to reduce the effects of climate change that we’re already experiencing. California suffered from another spate of wildfires last year. And it seems that about 90% of wildfires in the state are started by humans, or their equipment. […]