Suntuity™ Commences work on one of New Jersey’s Highest Efficiency Solar Systems

Press Release published by Suntuity

Holmdel, NJ, 14 October 2011: Suntuity™ announced today that it has commenced work on one of New Jersey’s highest efficiency roof based solar energy solutions for Holmdel Investments in Holmdel, NJ.

The solution would include the use of SunPower® T-5 roof-preserving fully ballasted roof tiles that are designed to deliver the highest energy per square foot of roof space and Satcon Inverters that are world renowned for their high efficiency. In addition, Suntuity™ will leverage state of the art web and kiosk based monitoring systems that would combine real time system performance and meteorological data to verify and optimize the output of the solar system. The system will be monitored onsite as well as remotely from Suntuity’s Operations centers. 

The high efficiency solar system would produce up to 50% more power than a standard efficiency solar solution that utilizes polycrystalline solar panels. The 133 kWp DC solar project would offset a sizeable percentage of Holmdel Investment’s on site consumption including peak demand charges. 

The combination of components along with leading edge solar design and engineering would make this commercial roof top solar solution one of the highest efficiency solutions in the State of New Jersey.


Suntuity designs, builds and maintains solar and wind energy solutions for residential, commercial and utility-scale markets around the world. Using innovative financing solutions, in-depth technical expertise, global experience and embedded process knowledge, they deliver the best quality products and solutions that maximize the output and return on investment for their clients. Their teams of Professional Engineers, Certified Project and Construction Managers, Delivery personnel and Support staff are strategically positioned to deliver global turn-key solutions. 

Through the use of Innovative Business Practices, Suntuity™ makes Best-in-Class Renewable energy products and solutions affordable. For more information on how you can install a residential or commercial solar solution, visit or call 1-855-SUNTUITY.

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